2013 update

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i was looking back to the old messages on Facebook earlier today. i was at the library doing a bit of a research (supposedly) for the assignments. and then, on Facebook, I saw Fahmi on FB messenger. well, it has been a while since we last talk, mainly because i didnt want to.

then again, even if i do, i wont. because he's in a steady relationship with this girl he knew long back. she's pretty and they totally look alike. i mean, who am i to compete with her. the only thing i have more is well, my education. she has the looks, the bods and Fahmi. *sigh*

i cannot possibly do that to her. i think if i were to text him, i surely can. BUT im not gonna.

anyway. reading the old messages made me think... i was so happy back then. i really was. even if the longest relationship i had with a guy was only like, 3 months, but i was really happy. haha this is crazy. thinking about how miserable i had become since i stopped believing that someone is actually created for me. i guess, it is all in Allah's hands (figuratively)

i know Allah knows what's best for me. i know i should learn to accept that it is not always the same for everyone else. take Fahmi for example, if he's not chasing me, i'm pretty sure he's out there chasing some other girls. bad side, if i actually did accepted his proposal 2 years ago, will i still be happy now? what are the chances that he wont cheat on me like he did (does?) to his super perfect girlfriend?

not forgetting, his job won't be adequate if i happen to get married to him. LOL.

okay. so let's see. so far my life is going as planned.

  1. 20 and I'm in my 2nd year.
  2. teaching part time so technically im earning my own money
  3. i've found my new BFF, anak cina Dang Ibon
what i haven't got is 
  1. a soulmate. HAHA.
then again, it is not fair to say that i don't have one. i currently am in contact with this guy for like more than a year now, Safwan. BUT, idk. he's always busy with school and stuff. kalah menteri. and he doesnt make me feel like a girl. it is safe to say that, i am wearing the pants in the relation-SHIT. yep, i am that pissed off. 

an old current addiction

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so i have been bombarded with loads of assignments for the past few weeks. yes, i am too lazy to finish them, even if the the deadlines are getting closer. what i need ASAP is a big, hard slap on the face. sigh. pls no. i have 2 linguistic reports to finish in a week, a presentation slide due next week and a follow up MIB report due in 2 weeks. AHH =(

bad thing is that i have to be at my uncle's birthday celebration tomorrow so it is a no no time to finish the linguistics essays tomorrow. hmmm....

anyway, i am currently reading Anna Sheehan's "A Long Long Sleep"

ive only started in about two days and ive finished half of the book (kind of an achievement for me cos i am very lazy when it comes to english books.) *LOL talk about an English major* but its a really good book.

buuuuttttt i will again talk/write when i have the time. its cos i gots to drives to Serasa tomorrow. HEHE iski LOLS. 

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being guarded by angels

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so, earlier this morning, i had a conversation with kaka. she asked me a sudden question "do you still have feelings for Syamim?"

there had been an awkward pause, i might add.

somehow, i dont really know if i still love him or not. i mean, its almost 5 years since the break up. and we had a brief relationship (which was of a really short time)

hmm...  now i cant think straight due to the test on discourse analysis tomorrow. who do this module even exist? =(

mon rĂªve

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we were talking about my dreams during French class today. My french lecturer, Mr Blaise, he seemed to be kind of excited when we were having the so-called culture class. It was obvious that he is homesick. I mean, I would be as well. Being miles away from home, I would really just go straight home and go on Skype to call my family back in Brunei if I were half way across the world.
Eiffel Tower

I found out that La Tour de la Eiffel was actually a telephone antenna built by a French architect, Eiffel. It was really funny as people regard it to be the symbol of L'amour, LOVE. the one question that kept on running on my mind was that, "what's it gotta do with love?"
being a Literature student (used to be), we were trained to think beyond the box but it is this one question that I can't figure out. WHAT'S A GIGANTIC METAL ANTENNA SYMBOLIC TO LOVE? maybe it symbolizes the bond between the love birds. je ne sais pas. 


I will have to look for answers to prove that....
La Louvre
anyway, this is the Museum. notice the triangular-shaped building? It was that one building from The Da Vinci Code movie. Well, I have not watched it but it sounds like a good movie. will watch it when I'm not busy.
how I wish my bed room wall is like this!

..................Je voudrais aller en France un jour.
(I would like to go to France some day.)

and I moved on

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I can't talk about how long I have not updated my blog cos I've been through that for....IDK.....most of the time? can I just say that this blog is really a place for me to rant and pour out all my ideas and where I can talk whenever noone has the heart to listen to me anymore? hehehe.... anyway that's not the case!

So, things I have not mentioned since me being away.

I'm a UBD student now =) yeah, somehow they are not sending HND students abroad anymore because of some reasons. but im gonna be receiving my degree in another 7 semesters, should be alright yes? I'm majoring in English Linguistics and minoring in French. in one class with one of my blog reader, Ka Mai. I wonder if she's still reading this :P

honestly, I'm kinda bummed the fact that I do not get to go to the UK, cos never in my life that I will be going to UBD (not that it's a bad thing). but even I were sent abroad, I wouldn't have met these amazing people, sang for Prince Azim, the crown prince, the Sultan and even Monica and her husband. (mind you that I'm an active choir club member! :D)

These are the pictures along the way..
choir girls after convocation morning session

Lyn and Tumpi

Yvonne and Hana

Wafi and Muammar, temporary choir people 

choir people infront of CH

Baby Jiah and I

Jiah, Dayah and Haziq

im loving pashminas!

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im looking at kashmir scarves online...sigh..so pretty, so awesome and so....expensive. crazy.. i wonder if they sell kashmir scarves here in Brunei?

anyway i was at the Mall Gadong today and when i was strolling around, window shopping, i saw this one store called the "Pearl Haya". ucu mentioned Pearl Haya hijabs the other day and i thought of buying one for mama since she said its comfortable and well.....awesomeness fabric-wise...

you get the idea ;) but, insya Allah i will..

let my passings me remembered.

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went to see Delon Hon of James Hon Marketing the other day to give my results and a photocopy of my ic. well i gave him my copy already but somehow i think they lost it. so yeah, we had to go back. so anyway, it was just a short meeting cos he had to attend to another student and he was the only counselor there, he asked me whether or not UBD had called, so i told him im still waiting for the replies from both MOE and UBD.

so, Delon smiled and said, "that might be good news, because some of my students already had a call from UBD."

and when we walked out from his office, mama and babah were kinda happy and at the same time upset because i might be leaving in a month. BUT, we still have to wait for the letters.

truth be told, im a little excited that i might be going abroad, but kinda nervous as well as it will be my first time being far away from my family. even my aunts are kinda anxious to know about where i will be as this is actually the first of the Haji Yaman grandchild to be sent abroad, after my uncle (he got 6os and was sent to Wales by the MOD). after the passing or arwah nini last week, we all need to hear good news and only good news for the time being.

either way, im still so very confused of whether i should continue studying abroad or just stay here in UBD. i really hope i will not regret any decision i will be making. if it so happens, then will start the journey of a young birdie......in UK.

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