Live life and Love (a post dedicated for Kg. Amo 'B' children

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I haven't been writing in a long time! I've just finished my COP recently (more like ago) but I've cherished my time being home after a long time being away from home. I can't lie that I actually missed Temburong. I mean, to actually live there for the whole 3 months, that is unbelievable. Especially for a city girl like me.

I've officially done things that I never thought I'd do. (so we can now cross out community service out of my "to do before 30" list!)

I've made new friends, shared laughs and cries, and it was all I could wished for in my life. The children I've left back there were more like my children than my students. They might not remember me after the new batch has arrived, but they will forever be in my heart. Our hearts.

Honestly, I was quite skeptical of their capabilities (bear in mind that they do not have much exposure to the English language as we do here in Bandar) what saddens me the most is that 3 of my year 5 students do not know how to write nor read in English. When I first found out about that, Bon an I couldn't stop thinking about what we could do to make them understand. They are good kids, yes, but they are kids nonetheless. They still would crack jokes and tend to not listen in class. But, surprisingly, Adeeputra (our acting supervisor plus the Ketua kampung's son) announced that the parents saw mostly improvements in their English exams. Which was the relief because, come on the pressure was on us.

I am really, truly honoured to have met them. Even though we did not get to teach all of them, but having to know them, to love them and to see their smiles, that was all we could ask for. What broke my heart was that, this one sweet girl from year 1, Waheeda, even if she was too little to understand, she cried her little heart out during the closing ceremony. Some of the parents also shed a few tears, thanking us or our efforts. Then again, if it wasn't for the parents' support and dedication to sending the children to the longhouse, we wouldn't even have the slightest chance of teaching them.

Akhir kalam.. This is for my children in Kg. Amo 'B' longhouse.

OOTD during Eid

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Eid Mubarak dear Musim readers!

It was the first of Syawal here in Brunei on the 29th, despite the fact that most of the Eid celebrants in the world celebrate it on the 28th. But it couldn't be any more blissful. Rendangs, Kuihs (especially Durian cakes and Tapak Kuda  were one of the most popular Kuihs found in most of the houses I went to today)

What's even more special and one of my favourite reason for Eid are the #OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures and ensembles of the people. Since major sales were and had been conducted by various local and interational vendors in the holy month of Ramadhan, crazy extravagant #OOTD has been posted all over my feed- both Instagram and Facebook. I personally love to browse through my newsfeed every end of the day just to fill out my time (yes, when you receive any texts from me saying I'm busy or no reply at all, that shows how "busy" I am)

And do you, dear readers, realise how Jubah or Abayas or maxi dresses are "in" right now? Only last week a new line of Jubah inspired by Bella Ammara got sold out in less than 2 weeks! Such a phenomenal experience!

I kind of had my last minute shopping just on the 28th (lol gaji lambat keluar plus allowance pun lambat-life of a student/part timer) my sisters and I went to Yasmieenzaraa Boutique to go tudung hunting for Intan. Well, initially it was for Intan alone, but we kinda bought Diyah a Yasmieen shawl. I actually went to look for the best-selling Bella Jubah for myself but I came home frustrated cos they only had one piece left, and it wasn't in my size. But it's 'gorg', nonetheless.

Which then gave me and idea..

Why not make them myself? Well, having it sent over to a tailor would consider it to be made by me, isn't it? Designs would be exclusively by me, minus the sewing. I already have a particular design in mind *evil laugh*

P.S. finally found an awesome, awesome cardigan from Nichii which I've always wanting to own, only to wait for the bank to process my E-Cash card..

next semester plans

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what's the latest and greatest?

nothing much has happened only the fact that we are now so busy studying for our exams (well, most of us). Most UBD students has finished their paper. I guess it's luck that us linguists need to wait up until the very last day to finish ours. but it's alright! it's gonna be up until this Saturday and then we are all happy linguists.

as for us 2nd year (COP potential) students, this will be our final paper for the next semesters. and as for me, it will be my final exam for the whole year!

yes, yes, I am very much excited for the year. I am shortlisted for the Human Library Project in one of the longhouses in Temburong. and will do my COP in SMARTER. like, it's a dream come true for me! well almost. i thought of getting a lot, and I mean a lot, of pictures!

Bon and I actually planned on having a roadtrip on our own every weekend HAHA! starting with frequent visits to Sugabun at Limbang! yes, Limbang.

my only hopes is that I don't die of boredom there.. *fingers crossed!*

2013 update

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i was looking back to the old messages on Facebook earlier today. i was at the library doing a bit of a research (supposedly) for the assignments. and then, on Facebook, I saw Fahmi on FB messenger. well, it has been a while since we last talk, mainly because i didnt want to.

then again, even if i do, i wont. because he's in a steady relationship with this girl he knew long back. she's pretty and they totally look alike. i mean, who am i to compete with her. the only thing i have more is well, my education. she has the looks, the bods and Fahmi. *sigh*

i cannot possibly do that to her. i think if i were to text him, i surely can. BUT im not gonna.

anyway. reading the old messages made me think... i was so happy back then. i really was. even if the longest relationship i had with a guy was only like, 3 months, but i was really happy. haha this is crazy. thinking about how miserable i had become since i stopped believing that someone is actually created for me. i guess, it is all in Allah's hands (figuratively)

i know Allah knows what's best for me. i know i should learn to accept that it is not always the same for everyone else. take Fahmi for example, if he's not chasing me, i'm pretty sure he's out there chasing some other girls. bad side, if i actually did accepted his proposal 2 years ago, will i still be happy now? what are the chances that he wont cheat on me like he did (does?) to his super perfect girlfriend?

not forgetting, his job won't be adequate if i happen to get married to him. LOL.

okay. so let's see. so far my life is going as planned.

  1. 20 and I'm in my 2nd year.
  2. teaching part time so technically im earning my own money
  3. i've found my new BFF, anak cina Dang Ibon
what i haven't got is 
  1. a soulmate. HAHA.
then again, it is not fair to say that i don't have one. i currently am in contact with this guy for like more than a year now, Safwan. BUT, idk. he's always busy with school and stuff. kalah menteri. and he doesnt make me feel like a girl. it is safe to say that, i am wearing the pants in the relation-SHIT. yep, i am that pissed off. 

an old current addiction

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so i have been bombarded with loads of assignments for the past few weeks. yes, i am too lazy to finish them, even if the the deadlines are getting closer. what i need ASAP is a big, hard slap on the face. sigh. pls no. i have 2 linguistic reports to finish in a week, a presentation slide due next week and a follow up MIB report due in 2 weeks. AHH =(

bad thing is that i have to be at my uncle's birthday celebration tomorrow so it is a no no time to finish the linguistics essays tomorrow. hmmm....

anyway, i am currently reading Anna Sheehan's "A Long Long Sleep"

ive only started in about two days and ive finished half of the book (kind of an achievement for me cos i am very lazy when it comes to english books.) *LOL talk about an English major* but its a really good book.

buuuuttttt i will again talk/write when i have the time. its cos i gots to drives to Serasa tomorrow. HEHE iski LOLS. 

<3 i="">

being guarded by angels

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so, earlier this morning, i had a conversation with kaka. she asked me a sudden question "do you still have feelings for Syamim?"

there had been an awkward pause, i might add.

somehow, i dont really know if i still love him or not. i mean, its almost 5 years since the break up. and we had a brief relationship (which was of a really short time)

hmm...  now i cant think straight due to the test on discourse analysis tomorrow. who do this module even exist? =(

mon rĂªve

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we were talking about my dreams during French class today. My french lecturer, Mr Blaise, he seemed to be kind of excited when we were having the so-called culture class. It was obvious that he is homesick. I mean, I would be as well. Being miles away from home, I would really just go straight home and go on Skype to call my family back in Brunei if I were half way across the world.
Eiffel Tower

I found out that La Tour de la Eiffel was actually a telephone antenna built by a French architect, Eiffel. It was really funny as people regard it to be the symbol of L'amour, LOVE. the one question that kept on running on my mind was that, "what's it gotta do with love?"
being a Literature student (used to be), we were trained to think beyond the box but it is this one question that I can't figure out. WHAT'S A GIGANTIC METAL ANTENNA SYMBOLIC TO LOVE? maybe it symbolizes the bond between the love birds. je ne sais pas. 


I will have to look for answers to prove that....
La Louvre
anyway, this is the Museum. notice the triangular-shaped building? It was that one building from The Da Vinci Code movie. Well, I have not watched it but it sounds like a good movie. will watch it when I'm not busy.
how I wish my bed room wall is like this!

..................Je voudrais aller en France un jour.
(I would like to go to France some day.)

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